thoughts on white

I have been looking for all things white in my surroundings and what 'white' means to me; all this for the new class over at Jude's in the What if Diaries.
Words that came to mind: pure, skin, wool, clouds, bone, dyeing, teeth, egg white, snowdrops, lace, light&dark; empty pages, open spaces, a fresh start
ghost bird with a white-ish butterfly, shadowdog, undyed goat's wool, the what if cloth, almost completely invisibly basted; ghost bird's bones are off-white, I think of ghosts being white; white could be the starting point for new pieces, gradually adding more, colours shapes shades textures  

white side of the red&white quilt

white plastic bag


jude said…
many great beginnings here.
Saskia said…
thanks Jude, almost too many my heads spinning.....start with one



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