not quite there

whilst weeding, let me rephrase that, whilst making-space-for-other-plants, I uncovered this small bird skeleton, I have left it there as moving would just disturb it too much and lots of tiny spiders came crawling out, I guess I ruined dinner. 

 same kitchen window as yesterday from the outside looking in and at self, looking inward; reflection
after several wicking sessions this is what the jacket looks like now, I think it needs more detailing, stitches I guess, maybe real feathers or stichted feathers or...... not sure right now

  humming bird stencil plus flour-resist paste resulting in an image of Ghost Bird, unexpected yet welcome


Anonymous said…
the ghost bird in the garden and the ghost bird in the jacket - perhaps they know each other? will you save the garden bird's bones? stitching would be wonderful on the garment and I can't wait to see how you apply!
Saskia said…
they must have, or maybe one became the other; anyway yes I'll 'save' the bones, but will leave them undisturbed and observe what the small animals are doing with it; there are three more bird-remains on a garden table, more or less intact waiting for a new lease of life......
jan said…
oooh I do like what you've done with this jacket Saskia. You've inspired me to think about using plant dye on a white top I've got. I rarely wear white, as I'm too messy, so this top needs a colour-change!
Saskia said…
same here Jan; I like white in theory and I do wear white t-shirts underneath a shirt, but when it comes to shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers......Big Stains materialize spontaneously
i love the body of the jacket just
AsIs, esp. since Ghost Bird showed up. could you satisfy the urge
to Embellish by maybe something
on the cuffs? , the lapel? but
leave the body of the jacket?
or how about down the center of a
sleeve, as in a strip from the
shoulder to cuff...a thin strip of
stitch or something????
Saskia said…
oh Grace, I would never touch the Ghost Bird, no way!! the sleeves perhaps and maybe the back which is rather plain/dull; did you notice he's close to my heart and the tip of his beak is nudging my breast
as he always is..close and nudging..



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