weekend life

our walk yesterday evening, grasses galore, I collected a bunch with many different varieties, the colours are amazingly, beautifully soft, ranging from pink to purple, creams, light greens, silvers and golds
all of a sudden you can hardly see the water for all the surrounding vegetation, summer is almost upon us

the flour-resist results, a surpise to me; beforehand I had imagined the flour markings would stay white, then realising my faulty reasoning as the 'back side' would of course catch some of  the dye; however even more surprising to me: the flour lines are the darkest.
 the fabric was in the old comfrey/sorrel/nettle/black bean dye from last weekend; I used ready-made stencils for crisp lines and speed, now that I know more or less what to expect I can of course do more research into and experimenting with this cheap and easy technique.

a view, amongst other things, of 'the island' underneath the studio lean-to: the branch has sprouted, I have no idea what if anything became of the larvae; I dare not stir the waters, I have been topping up the fluids; looking through the window you can see honeysuckle and ivy growing around the entrance to the garden

looking at studio plus lean-to, as you can see we are surrounded by greens; the tree branches top left and right are two plum varieties (opal and reine claude) in the raised bed mint and ruigklokje or nettle-leaved bellflower; the sweet pea has established itself snugly up against the studio, it refuses to grow elsewhere in the garden; in far back left in pic are hazel-trees, up above the row of poplars in the street


beauty Full. it is you. yes.
this is where Saskia lives and
works. works and lives.
now i can find you.
Nancy said…
I love seeing your space. It's so green! Love the birds in the sky cloth and the old key!
Saskia said…
oh Grace it is so different from your plot of land, desert versus swamp! but yes, this is indeed where I work and live, this is what the boys have known all of their lives, number two was born in this house (not the studio) so how could we leave??!!also now that you've found me, I'll stay put

Nancy, it is nice sharing where we are, I so enjoy viewing your space (and Grace's for that matter) and your daily commute; what an astute observation of latest dye cloth: a sky cloth indeed
(I hadn't thought of that)
and reading again...
oh!!!how lucky you are!!!!
Nettle tea, the Elixer....

no...don't go any Where.
Saskia said…
lol, Grace you must be one of the few people who would want nettles in their garden; I always leave a few, or maybe more than a few, because a certain type of butterfly lays her eggs on nettles (I have no idea which one) and getting rid of all of them is not something I've mastered



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