Are thoughts, emotions, feelings real? Are they meaningful?  Meaningless? Are we just trying to find words for what cannot be expressed?

Is the deep rooted longing for ‘communication’, for communion, (one of) the reason we made up words, to be able to come as close as possible to the person next to us, when sex is not an option,  where physical contact is not permitted. When trying to offer comfort a thousand words offer nothing, whereas one hug conveys the message in an instant.

Words aren’t real, they are not what they represent, always a pale construct of an object in the physical world; a drawing of a table is not a table. The symbol is not the object. Only a table is a table, an apple an apple, an atom an atom.

Understanding the world around me is no easy feat. My imagination and intelligence are limited. With every  single thing I have come to understand, I understand even less of all that is. I know nothing, I could see everything if my eyes were truly open.

All that is, is in me and I am nothing really

from dye bowl in top picture to the results; the plant stencil pattern is another flour-resist experiment; the dye is the one used several times before, we've just had our two days-of-summer (I hope not!) with extreme temperatures, so the dying was fast and intense: the cloth went in tuesday evening and came out his thursday morning; the dye itself is very smelly!
The fabric wrapped around the black beans is still soaking. I've used the remaining dye plus the dregs found in a bucket (walnut and leaves?) for another wicking experiment: a WhiteJacket has gone in! more pics later


Marti said…
Yet is through words, as in this blogworld of cloth people, that we come to know one another. It is through words that we reach out to comfort, to congratulate, to share, to tell stories, to open our lives when we are thousands of miles away. For me, words are who I am when my physical presence cannot be there...and words can lie, can be meaningless but can also connect deeply. If it wasn't for your words Saskia, I would not have come here. Your photos would have caught my attention, but it is your words that hold my interest...
Saskia said…
hi Marti, I agree with everything you say and at the same time distrust words, if that makes sense?! of course, worldwide we reach eachother through words (and images) before the worldwideweb we had books and films etc.for sharing.
I love books, I love reading, writing, I can hardly imagine a life without words;
my attempts at capturing the essence of things is exactly that: an attempt, the experience of a walk with the dog is what it is, trying to describe that is doomed to fail; and yet that doesn't stop us from trying and I'm not saying we should stop trying....I look up and see Barry Lopez' quote stuck on my bookcase:' we keep each other alive with our stories. We need to share them, as much as we need to share food....'
we keep on plodding;-)
Marti said…
This is so good Saskia, your response. And going a bit further with the Barry Lopez quote: He said further when speaking of the need for stories that "We also require for our health, the presence of good companions. One of the most extraordinary things about the land is that it knows this - and it compels language from some of us so that as a community we may converse about this or that place, and speak of the need."
Saskia said…
thanks Marti
Mo Crow said…
love that pale wisp of dye-ness in the second last photo... just so very fine with greetings to you on your longest Summery Soltice Day as we celebrate the Winter Solstice with a bitof stitching and hanging out in front of the heater with Ariel P Cat!
Saskia said…
hi Mo, thanks; the longset day is turning out to being a Very Wet Day, it started raining in the night and hasn't stopped, it's rather awful; it might be just as cold as your winter solstice.....I'm stitching too;-)
Anonymous said…
your musings are deep and I can tell heartfelt. I want to shout - but your thoughts ARE real! words ARE real! and that fabric? can't you touch it?

Something I read recently pertains, here, too -- which was Austin Kleon's idea that it is good to share online -- not so much to share WHAT we think or know, but rather to DISCOVER what we think or know... I realize this idea speaks only to the part of your musing that has to do with blogging and online communications - but it is a liberating idea to me, and hope it is to you, too.
Saskia said…
discovering what we think, yes blogging for me is a lot about dis/un-covering what I think feel want etc.

and of course to me the fabric is real, more real than the words; in all we do, make, sing, write, blog, whatever is the everlasting, overwhelming, primal desire to Share, share what it is we have no words for

talking/writing is very often not about what is said out loud, but what remains unspoken....
I'm not trying to be mysterious or anything, just attempting to give each and every'thing' it's true name



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