studio life

 apart from the books I mentioned in yesterday's post I am reading the textile books recently acquired, or rather I use them as reference material, for learning about and experimenting with techniques previously unknown to me.
have been sorting, tidying, clearing the workbench in the studio; I felt swamped with all the flotsam that had accumulated after the flood of donations; I felt clogged standing there overseeing, or rather having lost sight of what could be done with all these new materials; what am I going to use, need work with? What is obviously meant for someone else? Two full bags are heading elsewhere: ready to go.
Two shoe boxes have been filled, one with owl's remains, the other with the rich upholstery fabrics. Sorted.
On sewing machine fabrics designated for a fridge-protection-from-the-elusive-sun-curtain on verandah, all that has to be done is sew them together.
Net curtain fabrics plus very thin cloth all laid together for what if diaries class, window-white-layered-cutting theme. Lightness is moving in.
Pendants arranged side by side: order.
Wood handled, touched once more by hands and deemed worthy of holding on to, one day some day wood will return to life.
looking at what is still here and not overwhelmed at prospect of it all staying here for a while longer

trying to capture GhostBird, the Old Bird King and me

watching Code Black trailer, read more on Dee's post

and yes, was at the hair dresser's yesterday.


so, you have touched things. and
claimed them anew.
these photographs are
i hope you print them out as
actual photographs.

they need to be that way....
Saskia said…
touched them and claimed them anew, that's exactly how it IS Grace! priceless, well I don't know about that, but printing I suppose I could manage that;-)



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