wicking and gathering

a very white jacket to be white no more! I find it impossible to keep white clothing white and so into the dyeing pot for another wicking experiment; the first one the 'Jack Sparrow shirt' made in Jude's Contemporary Boro 2 class was a success, I love wearing it and when worn there is always someone asking about it, sorry if this sounds like bragging, but it's just the way it is.

the gathering of a new piece, working title mr Fox;
I just love the black fringe along this cream scrap....in fact I like this cape-thing so much in itself and you don't notice the black against the fox anyway, so I've changed the piece a bit and the cape will go to a gang member


Anonymous said…
is the pin meant to signal his eye? I so love your critters. I've cut out a boy with a cape, who might be a bird-boy, out of black cotton, still lacking the nerve to applique onto a surface... I think of it as 'trying out a Saskia'!!
Saskia said…
yes, his eye!

thanks for your support of the animals that appear here, it would seem from Nowhere, they are Real



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