before noon it was cloudy, here we're standing on the low dike with bridle path looking at the row of trees in the background which runs along the path that leads to the road that in turn leads to our house; I took Bram for a longer walk after we'd taken Tungsten for a short stroll, alas he's no longer capable of a real walk.

this photo almost looks black&white in the grey light; I love the colours revealed after mowing, here the mown grasses offer a pale, subtle almost sand-colour; in the top photo one can see the stripes of bright green-yellow on the left, such an abundance of variation

the dyed strip reveals it's subtle shades; the plants have not left a huge amount of colour, perhaps that will improve during the week, perhaps not. I'm quite taken by this subtlety, so not disappointed at all.

the black beans in close contact with the sheet make flowery imprints

Whenever I see Otter sitting there on the windowsill of my studio, sitting there with his thinking cap on, I find myself smiling. He looks so endearing and sweet, so incredibly huggable; he is of course completely unaware of what I’m thinking as I’m not in the habit of talking out loud to myself, well most of the time I don’t.

Blissfully unaware he gazes at the skull, his surroundings, looks outside, notices the passers by. Comments on their appearance to no one in particular, mumbles to himself, reaches for his notebook scribbles something, closes the book and sighs a sigh, leans back and settles into a comfortable position. The cap slides from his head as he falls asleep. I suppose he dreams, for he makes soft sounds and on occasion a smile curls his lips. Whilst sleeping his mouth opens ever so slightly and a tiny bit of spit dribbles from his mouth and I find myself smiling again. We are all very fond of him, he is such a trusting and kind being. It is his habit to fall asleep at any given time, day or night, relying on us completely, safe in the knowledge that we will look after him and make sure he doesn’t come to any harm. 


Nancy said…
Otter does seem to be a fine chap. My small friend is busy getting ready for the long journey to meet him and all of the crowd at your place. I think they will get along splendidly and will have many stories to share!
I wish peaceful strolls for T.
Saskia said…
we so look forward to meeting him;-)
Really like your dyeing experiments. That soft blue is quite appealing, and just begging for some stitching!
best, nadia
the flowery imprints are very Fine
Saskia said…
Hi Nadia: the very delicate blues and almost non-existant pale greens are a satisfying result, and were more or less what I expected; of course the actual imprint is always unforseen in it's actual impact.
although I cannot claim any real expertise, the trial-and-error method continues to teach me and the experimenting is less unpredictable.
thank you Grace: Fine is good and looking more closely at these black bean circular imprints I am also reminded of cell-divisions, embryonic growth (I have a tendency to see procreation and/or reproductive organs in all kinds of unrelated images)
Anonymous said…
ah, he makes me smile, too, and your description of him. touched by his trust and vulnerability. and his drooling.
Saskia said…
Dee: once more I am made aware of how a trusting and vulnerable approach to others is so much more rewarding than not moving out of fear of being mocked and hurt



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