over at Jude's WhatIfDiaries we're now attemping windows in cloth, this is a rather simple description of what we are striving for, I'll come back to this later; this recently acquired fabric with the half see-through circles, serendipitously being actual net curtain fabric, I thought to myself: how appropriate to use this for the 'windows' ; a circle could be a window too 

 this is what the pot still holds, the black beans have become white meaning the dye has been cast, ha. It's starting to smell rather nasty, will remove the fabrics tomorrow as there is not enough time today with office duties calling.....
 T in field this morning, busy sniffing; frogs were making their familiar croaking sounds, it's kind of warm


Anonymous said…
oh how you run with these things!! the concept 'window' works so well with the studies in transparencies that you have been conducting.

nice to be back (been scrabbling away elsewhere!)

Really love those circles.
Saskia said…
well Dee I happened to have this fabric and as I had already been cutting and whatnot, it was just perfect for the class

the circle fabric is polyester so my immediate reaction was: I cannot work with this, but the circles are so appealing and so relevant to this particular class I said 'what if and why not' and therefore it has become
Nancy said…
Love the circles as windows!
Saskia said…
thank you Nancy, they are fun to play with



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