chasing windmills

I was in town today, Gorinchem I know how impossible that must sound; this is on the outskirts of town facing south towards the river Merwede, which runs west (right in pic) to the North Sea. It was built as a fortress town, this central part is in fact an island. It's origins go as far back as the year 1000 a.d. when it started life as a fishing settlement on the banks of the river Linge, which at that point runs into the Merwede; the Linge is the river alongside which 'our' dike is situated, one could get to Gorinchem from our house, not by road but by boat. 

facing west, moving away from the town

fresh bundles with peony leaves gone in today, have no idea if the leaves themselves will leave an imprint; will see, I just liked their shape; the dye is the old one, still smelly, less gory after filtering out debris

this one came out of that same dark dye and has been in there since last Saturday I think, the cloth was folded double and wrapped around a tin can, secured with elastic bands; unfolded it is symmetrical in pattern, with two sides: light and dark; whilst unfolding I immediately noticed a human figure, winged or perhaps carrying a cape; does anyone else see her/him?

By the way, with new 'bible' in hand I have started inspecting the flora in the garden: all those plants and flowers waiting to be seen in a new light, admired and 
devoured....The home made salads have become an even greater feast, will try making smoothies with garden ingredients with the boys this weekend, I hope to get them enthusiastic about eating 'wild' as well.


Nancy said…
Your photos of this land are just gorgeous.
I don't see the figure (yet)...but I love the result just the same :)
Anonymous said…
I see a winged figure - but perhaps not the same one you see?

I love the two landscapes with windmills.
Saskia said…
could there be more than one?
I'll have to try and figure out how I can draw on a photo on my pc and demonstrate who I see



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