And so back to dyeing once more! bedsheet worn and torn: offered a new, different lease of life.
I tore a strip, folded it double and have tied bumps filled with black beans, on both sides and in between to see what effects that might achieve.
The dye itself consists of nettles, comfrey, sorrel and cow parsley chopped and poured over with boiling water, a spoon of tartaric acid, the black beans themselves add to the flavour of course....

as does the aluminium pan......although I'm not sure how; the heat is essential to get it all started

dregs dripping last drops of dye into pan

set-up on verandah

here we can already see the black beans working their magic, can hardly wait to start unfolding and reveal the results, be patient........the bundle on top is another strip of sheet wrapped around two copper pipes plus several black beans folded in, the copper will most probably also influence the outcome.
I will check again tomorrow and see how far it has developed and then decide what will remain in the pan.


Nancy said…
Can't wait to see! So cool that you can set it up on the verandah.
Saskia said…
hi Nancy, yes well I've just rememberd I didn't use any kind of mordant, so it'll be interesting to see what will remain of the dyes.
I'm thinking of cutting the larger bit in half, remove one part today and leave the rest a couple more days to gather more colour.
The fabric wrapped around the copper will stay until next weekend.
deanna7trees said…
always a wonderful mystery. i'm going to try some shibori dyeing today. need to buy some black beans. looking forward to your cloth reveal.
Saskia said…
hi Deanna: it so happens I have cut out a section of the larger cloth and removed that from the dye; pics will be shown in next post



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