slight changes

I have added a couple of 'prints' to the top half of the wicking-project-jacket:  I pressed the bag of cloth wrapped around the black beans  against the jacket leaving blue-grey markings, f.e. on right front shoulder (left in pic), on the back a flour-resist bird stencil; on the left breast (right in pic) another smudged stencil flour-resist print; in the bucket a tin can wrapped with black-bean-dyed cloth has been added, to add more colour to that bit of fabric and maybe the can itself will add to the wicking results as well; tea leaves are continously chucked in, as I make a fresh pots of tea - also adds much needed heat, it is Pouring with Rain over here and too cold for this longest of days!!! 

as you may be able to see, the dye is rising pretty fast

after advice from a class memeber over at Jude's I 've added stitching to the window/moon/dream catcher


Anonymous said…
I love how the stitches bring the whole composition together!
Saskia said…
thank you Dee, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about E's comment over in class and I 'saw' how stitching here might make it work
jan said…
mmmm I love how this wicking is working with the jacket! Giving it a very subtle look; and keeping a 'designed' look about it too! The flour resist is fantastic. Very delicate.
Nancy said…
I'd love to feel all of those stitches!
Saskia said…
Jan: the 'designed look' together with the coincidental nature of the wicking marry well; today the jacket has come out of the pot and is hanging out to dry as I type these words, more pics later.......

Nancy: this small cloth has taught me so much, I had a lot of fun just stitching the twirly bits, very meditative;-)



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