Little Bird has left

Interview with Little Bird, before he starts his travels

Saskia: why did you decide to travel?

Little Bird: I’ve always dreamed of traveling, sailing the oceans, visiting far off shores, flying over moonlit seas. Meeting people I would never meet here.
Sometimes the dreams seemed more real than the life I led. In those dreams I heard the moaning waves, beating against the forlorn wrecks of sunken ships; I even fancied myself a pirate´s parrot. I would study pictures of palm trees on sandy beaches, a swaying  hammock, imagine the warm breeze ruffling my feathers.

S: sounds very romantic, I’m sure, but have you thought about the reality of it all?

LB: but of course, I speak several languages, not very well but as you know I’m not shy of making mistakes; I’ve been working this past year, saving a bit of money to keep me afloat for the first few weeks, months even if I’m careful; I’ll have to find a way of managing but I’m confident I will be able to make a living out there in the big world. I look forward to meeting foreign people and birds, I even look forward to having to rely on the kindness of strangers at times.....

S; How do you feel right now?

LB:  I feel alone in a world full of possibilities, large and small. 

S: are you taking anything with you?

LB: I have but a few belongings, travel light is my motto.

S: do you think you will ever return?

LB: ......honestly, I have no idea, I haven’t thought about that.

S: do you have anything to add?

LB: yes, I’m excited and slightly anxious at the thought of leaving everyone and everything I know behind, but the overwhelming sensation is that of looking forward to the journey ahead.

S: I, well we all do, wish you well and hope you’ll stay in touch somehow.

LB: thank you all, it has been rather wonderful here, but it’s time to go before I change my mind.
He chuckles, looks over his shoulder at us one last time and flies away from all that he has known.


Mo Crow said…
So has Little Bird left the cloth or has he taken it with him? love the swirling kantha seas and ragged waves
Saskia said…
Mo, that is a very good question; he left with few belongings, I think one could say his imprint remains here together with the cloth, the cloth he dreamt
patricia said…
back finally--back to the land of cyberspace that is--just looked at all your posts, catching up, loving the dye experiments and the cloths, the stitching here, the motion of waves and energy. was especially taken with the post on change and fluidity. moving through life, loosing self, loosing time, loosing identity. that happens, doesn't it? you wondered if it was your age. I don't know. but i think that if we manage to live to a certain number of years, then identity naturally shifts from that to this. from then to now. from outside to inside. from all to nothing. not existential nothing, but nothing absorbed into everything. oh i'm rambling. just glad to be back here.
Saskia said…
rambling should be a required daily practice, it often clears the head and sometimes shows the way, welcome back Patricia; I'm no longer the person I was a few weeks ago, still fluid in ways, but a lot more managing to finish certain pieces (perhaps the deadline of the planned exhibit in october is starting to kick in)

I do see, looking back at the images and stories in this blog, recurring themes and a particular vision, although I would find it near impossible to put that into words, really



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