kitchen window facing north

now that I know gout weed tastes good I am able to appreciate the flower as well, or rather I already liked the flower but dreaded having this plant in the garden as everyone kept telling me what a horrible weed it is; in fact, many plants in our garden grow profusely and have spread all over and in stead of trying to get rid of them, I have succumbed to letting them find their own equilibrium; that way I can concentrate on finding mine......oh my, hormones are a-raging along with stomache cramps and all the greens in the world cannot soothe me today, distraction is what's needed: picked up M. - she always manages to cheer me up - and she unrolled her linen blouse, the one that's been soaking up the juices since last Saturday:

a subtle sandy shade with white tie dye circles and blue black bean marks, now all we need is a warm summer so she can actually get to wear it  

 a tiny universe 


Anonymous said…
sorry to hear about the cramps, but at least you have the wisdom to spend time with someone who picks you up... the blouse looks like it is covered with boobies? or do I just read YOUR awareness of being female into it?
Saskia said…
well I wasn't reminded of boobies, rather of embryonic growth....although the one in bottom pic is just a beautiful print to me, no associstions really



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