Friday, 26 April 2013




elder son's discarded eastpak, personalized by and for me, ready for traveling

little Pink Riding Hood is leaving her house for a short holiday in Turkey. Off to the sun where she'll be able to shed the cape, don a bikini, dive into the sea, gaze at the stars and relax.

In this very small piece a lot went on: I have tried split stitch: the pink cape, wrap stitch: the pale green and grey earth/water, without guide lines so they're wobbly; a 'scar' in the red house, running stitch, glue stitch, backstitch; there are also many memories of what I've seen others do in the What If Diaries class: Dee's houses, Grace's sun rays (blue sun) double outline by Kathy d in cape; appliqué with and without tucking and of course All is inspired by Jude.


Mo Crow said...

love that blue bird!

Saskia said...

he is quite cute, if I say so myself; and I'm thinking BlueBird is a good name for him

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the blue bird, and the Black Birds in your screen-opening! I looked at this piece earlier over at Jude's, but now I am thinking: 'Comic Book'. It's like a strip of a narrative from a comic book!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

have a truly WONDER full time!!!!!

Nancy said...

Little Pink Riding Hood is adorable, as is Blue Bird! I love this idea so much! Did you stitch it to the backpack? Such a great idea. Have a great trip/