gazing up at sky yesterday

looking through 'grace does(n't) do white', revised version
personally I like how the white weave tilts to the left

absentmindedly sewing, thereby sewing bottom bit to top bit and realizing, hey this is wrong, looking again and thinking to oneself, actually this is very right; so add a thin layer of white square and deliberately fold back bottom bit, and now the back is a small landscape and a huge white sky and the sun/moon is still shining through
small square cut out of white weave, backed by pale, grey linen and latest addition of white, on the front a kind of curtain, off-white very thin cotton. A safe place, sometimes that is what you need.


Mo Crow said…
love the peacefulness in your safe place
Saskia said…
peaceful that is a good thing these days, Mo
Hi, Saskia. I also like the way your grace piece sort of tilts to the left, giving it a bit of movement.
best, nadia
Saskia said…
thanks Nadia, I find it's best if I like the accidents.....pulls me out of me box
Julie S said…
this is one of my favorite saskia pieces ever. It sways, perhaps like grace/Grace in her wind.

Searched high and low but no word on the pup's health???
Saskia said…
why thank you Julie, it's coming to Turkey with me so I have something to stitch there; swaying, wind, indeed very grace-land-like, I hadn't made that connection yet; the dog's health is improving slowly, he still limps but now on 4 paws, he's 10,5 years old; our daily walks together are extremely limited in range, but he so wants to leave the garden for a bit and he makes the most of all the other dogs' scents along the street. So the walk is short in length, but he takes his time!! I'm now the one walking back and forth. He seems happy enough and food is top of his list again, but he IS old, and I doubt he'll fully recover. We'll have to wait and see.....



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