the Secret of the RedBag

a few days ago, last thursday to be precise, a frog came home with me. A small frog carrying a huge red bag (when I say huge, I mean compared to the frog, of course).
Once we were back I  left him lying in the plastic container (the one we have seen before as a first refuge for the larvae) on the small wooden table under the lean-to next to my studio and forgot about him. I remember saying to myself: don't forget him, check on him later on and see if he still smells. Not that he did, but you never know with animals you meet in the woods, one moment they're fine and smell of roses, the next thing you know they've been swimming in the stagnant water of a 'slootje' followed by some rolling in the mud, not naming names here, by which time you cannot come within 10 metres of them from fear of fainting. I got distracted and did the things one does to pass the time. In short I forgot about frog.
It was only after Bird King mentioned to me he was expecting a visitor and I asked him who. He told me he was expecting Frog. 
Frog, I exclaimed, you know Frog? he's a friend of yours and you were expecting him? o my lord, o my King, I have met him and taken him here and had forgotten all about him. I am so sorry.
Forget Frog, no no, you must be joking, the King replied, you must be confusing him with another frog. No one can overlook Frog.
Hmm, I'm afraid I have done just that; your friend Frog wouldn't happen to be carrying a red bag would he. 
YES!! for he is a messenger and he has 'something important' for me. He carries EverythingImportant with him in his RedBag, don't say you've left him waiting....oh no, moaned the Bird King. Bring Him to Me! he summoned
- for he can be a bit bossy at times, but that is between you and me -
off I hurried to find Frog, as it was indeed Frog, lying patiently in the container, humming a song to himself as if he were lying there without a care in the world, nor did he seem impatient at all. I was starting to feel relieved. 
You Nobody you! he snorted.
I was confused, was he addressing me, alas yes, o dearie me, I have upset him terribly.
You miss so and so, what were you thinking? Leaving me all by myself without food or drink, out here in the open.
Well, not quite in the open, under a roof, I mean we did meet in the woods under the skies.....I mumbled awkwardly.
Enough, so-so, I believe I have a meeting with a mutual friend.
Yes, yes indeed, I will take you to him right away, pronto, quick on the double
miss so-so, there is Nothing Quick about anything you have done for me lately,  Shut Up and take me Now!
Well, I suppose I deserved that, but must he be so rude, I said in my head.
Stop your thoughts, right this instance, he clamoured.
I was so surprised I did. I picked him and the RedBag up and brought him to the King and they greeted each other like long lost friends, which, I suppose is what they are. Old Friends and I had left him waiting for days, how on earth was I going to make up for that?
Bird King kindly requested I leave and asked me to bring them some tea and biscuits and place the tray outside the door and by no means was I to enter without knocking thrice. What they were about to discuss was TopSecret, and I was better off not knowing. Hush hush.
I was dying to ask what was in the Red Bag and I must have been staring at it for too long, for they both glared at me and Frog, as if reading my thoughts yet again, said to me: miss so-so, you have behaved abominably and will have to content yourself with the knowledge that the contents of the RedBag will remain a secret to you! That will be all.
He waved me off.

I was dumbfounded.

He even had the impertinence to speak before the King could. I can only assume they know each other well and long enough, for the King didn't seem upset at all, quite the opposite he had a rather amused look on his face as I was forced to make my humiliated exit by a frog, pardon me Frog.
I could swear I heard them laughing behind my back as I walked indoors to make them tea. Well I never.
And I still don't know what's in the bag!


Mo Crow said…
oh this is fabulous Saskia! grinning from ear to ear great photo, love the continuing tale of the Bird King!
i know that Frog...was in
Saskia said…
ah Mo, just when I think nothing more is going to happen, a long lost friend of His pops up! and He's happy again.
So Grace, maybe you know what's in the RedBag?!
Minka said…
This is wonderful! Is it part of a bigger story?
Saskia said…
hi Minka, well the thing is these animals keep appearing in my studio, who am I to turn them away? besides they have such interesting stories and when they're in the mood they share them with us!
I must soon post a group foto, if they agree to sit still together for a moment, that is
he didn't have it then. that was
many many years ago. his priorities were very different i think.
a group photo would be so
maybe in the side bar?
Saskia said…
ha Grace, yes he was a lot younger then....what a great idea a pic in the sidebar: I'm on to it!!!



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