the gang

the small gang that has gathered in my studio, starting on the left:
Celia (with the modest bosom) at her feet Stone Cat (who we haven't met before) the old BirdKing and at his side his old pal Tom Cat, Frog on top of his RedBag(to my mind he is known as the rude-one) and then sitting very still we see our cuddly Otter; in front Saumon Rose (still hasn't flown back to France) and shadow dog, who will never leave his master.
There are others, but at this moment in time they are too shy to expose themselves on camera and as I'm not one who is in the habit of forcing others to act against their will, I respect their wishes.
Ghost Bird, dangling in front of the others, always the dare devil


Nancy said…
So nice to see them hanging out together :)
There is a little guy here who has been begging to go traveling. I've tried to clean him up a bit so he would be road ready, but his life has been long and it's hard to shed all the wear & tear of so many memories! He insists that he is ready Now and would I please make some plans for him! If your gang would like to meet a new American friend...send me an email. He has his bag packed already! Sheesh :)
Saskia said…
oh wow Nancy!!!
that would be Great; the gang can hardly wait, will email you
Mo Crow said…
thank you for introducing this delightful crew Saskia!
Saskia said…
they're excellent company;-)
Anonymous said…
I love these guys... and also the ledge that hangs there -- is it in front of a window? or outside? in any case, it is like a stage with a wonderful backdrop
a wonderful group photo...or, two.
it's so good to see them all



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