song thrush

 one of the sadder events in spring is the death of animals, sad because to me spring is the promise of new life, death belongs to late autumn and winter. 
Our house is situated in the middle of our garden surrounded by tall trees, offering shade and protection and nesting possibilities for our bird friends. The windows of the house however are treacherous: at certain moments they offer a delusional vision of continuing sky to the birds, to them it would seem they can fly through. So every now and then you hear a kadoonk against a window pane and I rush to see where the poor animal is. Usually they're only stunned and after a bit they get up, hop about for a bit and then take off again, no doubt wondering what it was that hit them.
Sometimes the bird isn't so lucky and when s-he's flying really fast, their speed kills them. The sound of the kadoonk is hard and followed by the thud of the animal dropping onto the tiles around the house. 

yesterday was such an unfortunate event, I heard the dreaded noise, the first this year. Initially I couldn't find the bird and was relieved. This morning however, whilst opening the blind in my son's bedroom, I noticed the bird in the gutter; so it had been him. I got out the ladder to climb up to him and carried him down in the sieve.
he weighs 50 grammes, the measuring tape is in centimetres

here he lies with blackbird, I found him a few weeks ago by the roadside


Nancy said…
So sad to see this. Maybe your windows need some random stickers or something that would make them more visible.
Saskia said…
hi Nancy, we already have's at certain times of the day, which shifts now that the sun is rising and because the trees are so bare there's a lot of 'sky' in the windows
patricia said…
still. still there is such a sense of peace here.
Julie S said…
Ironically, at the very same time across the globe, a sparrow lies on my awning. You know, I think this is the way I would like to go, although I am not sure I want my weight on a blog.
Saskia said…
for now Patricia, soon song thrush will be heaving with.....tiny creatures, like blackbird and then they'll both be calm again, peace will return momentarily; eternal cycle
Yes, what a way to go Julie,one blow and poof
(LOL btw at your weight comment, ditto here)



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