the island

number one in plain view, number two's tail is visible from underneath top leaf
 the larvae have moved in to a larger dwelling. I was thinking the biscuit container might soon be too small and decided they needed more room to live in and develop. I had a scare: when I stirred the water and found two larvae, they seemed smaller and didn't move, they looked dead to my inexperienced eye; I was worried that instead of saving them I had driven them to commiting suicide by drowning! What a relief when I came back and they had moved back into the water. Confident they were alive and well, I started wondering about where to move them to and remembered I have this glass bowl in the cellar and thought this would be an ideal container for the larvae: more space, more water, more food, more everything. I placed a brick and on top of that a small rock and a chunk of wood propped up next to it, thinking I have no idea what they'll become and whether they can fly or not, so there have to be several ways for them to leave their nest.  The bowl was filled with muddy dye water and leaves et cetera and some clean tap water: 
 here's a film of numbers one and two moving in:

hi Patricia 


oh why? did you stop????
sitting here, mouth hanging open
watching, forgetting to breathe.
and i want to ask...What?is sitting atop the stump? but i also don't want to know because i like wondering, staring. and is that an ancient japanese bamboo fly swatter as a sail? as a wind monitor???? i really don't want an answer to that question really. the glass bowl was a brilliant move.
Saskia said…
Grace: once they're in the water, they've disappeared, nothing much happening; I go look from time to time: nope no movement at all!
I am so relieved they have more space
patricia said…
just got here. just read this. just thought to myself--how could an English major get through life w/o reading Hamlet? and then realized. i'm not an english major anymore, but i am going to read it. beautiful isn't it? and now i'm laughing because underneath this comment box, it says "choose an identity"--ha! ok
Saskia said…
haven't read Hamlet either, I don't remember exactly where I found the quote: I do own the collected works of W.Shakespeare and one day will read them all - she uttered optimistically.



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