patience is a virtue

My Friend Frog is slowly but surely being wrapped up in a mossy coat, returning to his former green. He says: I'm becoming younger as I age; I tend to agree, I usually do as he is a dear friend of mine and easily offended. The trick, he continues, is to stay very still and let Nature do what Nature does best. Again I agree, thinking, hey this actually makes sense?! But how could I achieve the same results? I ask Friend Frog. He replies in a dignified manner: Just watch me, look very carefully and do Exactly as I do! I look at him and stare, I'm trying to see what it IS he's seems to me he's doing Nothing. He sees my puzzled face: What? is?The ?matter?with?You He queries. I don't see what it is you do, I mutter stupidly. It is Exactly as I said: Sit Still, Be Quiet and Let Nature Take Care of You. Could it be that simple, I ask. Ah, but of course he answers: the truth usually is, but remember as simple as it may be, it doesn't mean it's going to be easy! 

I wish I could lie, patiently and disappear into this moss
beloved companion, patiently waiting
another patient gardener


Nancy said…
Ahhh...Saskia, I sure am enjoying your storytelling.
Sometimes I too wish to disappear, patiently, slowly...fade. Yes.
I have often mumbled your post title to myself, a reminder.
Saskia said…
hi Nancy, the storytelling feels like truths revealing themselves to me. Insights I wasn't aware of, actually in plain sight!



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