more What If Whites

the burnt bits and the tree-trace pieces, together the starting point I think for maps into my world, or at least an attempt at placing markers along the way


jude said…
oh this is lovely, very much associated with something i will be posting about at white next.
Saskia said…
well that is something to look forward to!! and thank you Jude
HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am BACK!
with all new computer innards!
ok. now...i'll really read this again and comment because i love it a LOT
jan said…
these are beautiful saskia! shows a real subtlety and the differences between 'whites'. Mmmmmm
Anonymous said…
GORGEOUS! and so YOU - the allowing, the serendipity, the natural elements being allowed to assert themselves! so exciting.
Saskia said…
Nancy: (((I know))) I'm kind of afraid to touch them; having said that, I have already moved them from the kitchen table where the photo was made to the studio, where they wait....

Jan: thank you! There is so much going on in 'just plain white' who would have guessed?!?

Grace: you're back!

Dee: so ME, oh I like that, somehow, somewhere all the bits of recent ideas/results want to come together and join up in a BIG piece, exciting, you bet



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