poor dog

What a difference a day makes. The photo above was taken last evening: T is in the water feeling fine. This morning I came downstairs and he didn't come to greet me as is his habit. Instead he lay panting on his couch and didn't want to eat, he had a fever, couldn't get up, nor could he put any weight on his left front paw; in short he was ill, he still is. An hour later, by now it was 7am, I rang the vet, described the symptoms and she told I could drive him over (normally she opens in the afternoon) so she could check him out. I got dressed, D carried him into my car, he couldn't come with us as he had several business appointments. The vet did her examinations: an infection of sorts, all kinds of medication, lots of pills to take home with us. I rang my office to let them know I'ld be late. We lifted the dog back into the car, I drove back home. Now I had to lift T out of the car again and carry him back all by myself, I had to stop halfway from car to house as he was almost too heavy for me. We managed. I lay him on the rug in the living room, he fell asleep. I listened for a while, his breathing became calmer and his temperature dropped slightly. I changed for the office and went to work. D checked on him later in the day, we spoke on the phone: T. was still resting but wagged his tail at him, okay. 
The boys each stayed with him once they got back from school and when I arrived he looked more awake, more alive. I fed him his pills wrapped in bits of bacon, and miracle of miracles: he ate them all! I fed him his dog food which he seemd to enjoy. He manged to get up and limp towards the door, we let him out and helped him off the verandah. He much prefers walking himself to being carried about. So he has been up, has eaten, has been out of the house for a few minutes, okay. He's now sleeping on his couch again, bless him.
lonely walk in the woods this evening


what did the Vet guess it was?
that was FAST...to become so ill...
was he bitten? was it something
he ate in the water? the water
itself?, but i doubt that....
i am so so sorry. i know your love
for him.
and Saskia...i have to repeat...
all of your photographs are so
great, but some are beyond so
great...as this one. Please think
of creating blank cards with them.
Love to family and to T
Nancy said…
But later, :)
Take care of your pal.
Love the bottom pic.
Saskia said…
hi Grace and Nancy: poor T, he's doing a lot better now, no fever, but he still cannot stand on his left front paw; he limps from one spot to the next, doesn't want our help, he's never liked being carried, an independent soul;-)
and yes to blank postcards, haven't figured out yet how to make them on our printer, stubborn apparatus!
had trouble logging in to my account this morning, thought of you Grace, but luckily got busy and with the help of friend and family member fixed it pronto.
love to you both xx
Julie S said…
How is T now that another day (thereabouts) has passed? Thinking of you guys caring for him
Saskia said…
he's better, no more fever and his limping has improved, his radius is limited to the garden, but he copes with his limitations; he hasn't given up yet!
at this moment he's lying on the grass in the sun looking contented, I'm happy he's still here; we'll just have to wait and see how it goes......



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