mossy business

leave me alone, I'm busy being dead!

alas, he is;  poor mole me thinks.

 he lies here, in this quiet stretch along the dike towards the village of Heukelum; I think the cold must have taken him by surprise, because I could find no apparent wounds; 
 there was frost last night and this morning up until around 12 we had a faint mist

 the sun, the sun! so I'm in the garden yet again (yesterday as well) sweeping dead leaves and twigs etc., cutting back last year's dried out outlandish growth and make a fire outdoors, chucking on the dry leaves and stuff, lots of smoke (sorry neighbours) and remember I have a bucket of leftover walnut + various dye and here's an ideal opportunity to get going again: bucket on rack above fire with a few clean white bits of cotton and linen, first dye-batch of the year.
it'll be interesting to see how the tomato 'develops'

 with all the sweeping in the garden other treasures emerged: a mossy glove
and here we have almost-misther-slug, s-he still lives in the log.

as I notice the dye isn't really giving much anymore, I decide on more direct action and put the bits of wet fabric on the coals and let them burn just a bit, back into the bucket, later on I rinsed and washed them

nothing too spectacular dye-wise, but fun as an experiment; the results reminding me of 'old maps' we used to make, hmm what if I made maps out of these.....


Mo Crow said…
oh I like these a lot Saskia, perhaps they are the base ofor a mapping of your journey into cloth.
Saskia said…
that sounds like a really good idea Mo
Nancy said…
Yes! I remember making 'treasure maps'...burnt like this, for my son's 6th Pirate Birthday Party! So fun. How does the cloth smell when burnt? I have not done this, that I can recall...on purpose! I agree with Mo...a good place to start.
And I love the note on the log :)
Marti said…
Burning edges and I was reminded of a gift from our future son in law, years ago. He is from England and by way of introducing himself to us, he sent us an old map of England that had singed edges and on that map, he had circled all the places of his childhood. Thanks Saskia for burning the cloth that led me to this loving memory.
Saskia said…
Nancy, the smoke from the woodfire itself had so much scent, that I didn't notice the cloth having any at all! I could take the burning yet another step and make circles instead of cutting them....ah yes our friend slug, he's still there
Marti you're welcome and to both of you thanks for sharing your memories, funny how certain memories pop up like that



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