soft water

 thread through eye of needle, make a small knot, push needle point into cloth, pull needle pulling thread through....stitching fabric onto fabric, regular small motion of push pull turn look up and back again, seeing how the burns relate to old Danish duvet cover from my youth, sets me off thinking back to summer holidays spent in Denmark, the tree-trace cloth reminding me of the sea at the summer houses in Kulhuse and Hundested, the burnt edges resemble seashore, hole on right could be moon, could be sun a white sun why not. The piece is saying to me: I am a summerhouse, and because the summerhouses in my life are in Denmark it has to be 'Sommer Hus'.
The sommer hus needs to be surrounded by Space, linen creamy linen like rich Danish flode we had with strawberries surrounding sommer hus, adding weight to the incredibly light piece. Now it is a heavier more material presence: sommer hus, yes this is the first map of the journey

having added creamy linen to sommer hus made me look at Grace does(n't) do White with different eyes: needed weight as well! But not the heavy linen, much too rich, no a very light pale silver greyish bit and a strip of slightly heavier linen mix(?) with a dash of pink and it hangs proudly, almost able to carry it's own weight and then I think: why not let it just dangle from one point; Grace has been dangling a bit these past days over a gap

note: all the white/cream fabrics in this post are from the Mia stash; you can read more about her by clicking on 'Mia' label


your inclination to
Saskia said…
Grace, you know what I never saw myself as the animator, but I do believe you are right



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