....back to the light

 oh this cloth of change is showing off this afternoon, the sun has appeared almost by magic, and I'm thinking this is a much better name for the piece: the magic cloth, so much happened in/with it for me whilst sewing and looking, observing what was growing; it's still not 'done' but I'm gonna leave it hanging 

in context: south east corner of the studio 


Nancy said…
Ah look at that in the skylight! Wonderful :)
Your studio looks just like you (to me anyway)...your colors, your light, your treasures. Oh how I'd love to *feel* the place of your space :)
Thanks for sharing it here.
Saskia said…
wouldn't it be great to be able to pop over, back and forth thru the screen, haha.
yes the studio is a lot like me: lots off stuff and organized chaos;-)
Nancy said…
Yes it would be lots of fun :)



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