an ordinary tuesday evening

it was light&dark at the same time, depending on where we were this evening on our walk, or perhaps the light is fading so fast I cannot keep up with it's disappearance

I always find a lit house so very comforting as the days grow shorter 

not knowing what you're looking at is at times better than knowing


Liz A said…
Colors bleeding away in the waning light ... then home. Home again ...
Saskia said…
that Liz is a beautiful short poem, thank you!
Nancy said…
I just said to J. the other night when I got home from work...and the light was much the same as your first pic...I said how I love the twilight time when the sky is that purply-blue-black. There is something so magical about it.
As far as the lit house, I used to love to walk passed the homes on night walks when lights would be on and you could see a slice of the evening hours in someone else's life. Not in the snooping kind of way, but in the poetic pondering kind of way :)
Saskia said…
ah Nancy a voyeuristic poet might not be such a bad idea, one need not look further than unto other peoples' lit windows for inspiration and fill in the blanks with one's own imagination



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