Thursday, 8 November 2012


wolf person

these amulets are to be worn as a necklace; they'll have a painting on the front and the back. I wore such a necklace for my exhibition and people were so enthusiastic I have several commissions.

mice and cat like figures

I got really lucky with this one: her face just 'happened' as I made a mark with the brush!


Anonymous said...

what a cool idea! I can imagine them having little prayers tucked inside... do you take all your pix with your phone, BTW>??!

Nancy said...

That bottom figure really spoke to me. How big are they? What do you use to hang them by? What a unique idea.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

am so
by your ART.
it is going the places of dreams.
soon, i will post on the Air Tree
that lives here now, that i just
Marvel at, many times a day. really. not just saying that.
it is

Saskia said...

Dee: yes phone=camera in my world!
Nancy: they measure 4x4,5 cm, appr. 1,5x1,75 inches
Grace: thank you for Marvel-ing!
to all 3: will post a pic of me wearing mine today