Hermes shopwindow decorations

we  were in Amsterdam this afternoon with a group of 8 women, a present for A. who recently turned 50; windowshopping took us to Momo, a Japanese restaurant, where I ordered sushi

from there we headed on to the Stedelijk Museum; here a leaf on the old part of the building; the museum had been closed for 8 years! for the building of a new part, nick-named the bathtub

Donald Judd

John Baldessari

we had a guided tour, reserved in advance, so no waiting in line for us! a very nice woman led us through the old and new parts of the museum

in the new part: a huge three story high woven-wool wall hanging, woven by Dutch (carpet)firm Desso; I'm afraid i didn't write down the names of the two female artists, who designed this enormous piece.


a poster wall


art inspires!


such wonders!! but to tell the
truth, i much prefer the
pictured in the post just below.
nice to see these in this order...
jan said…
It's decades since I visited Amsterdam! I was an art student in the 1980's; I loved it. It's a place I've wanted to return to, and haven't yet. But one day; one day.
Saskia said…
the great thing about this small country is it's size: you can drive all over and visit the museums fairly easily, back and forth in a day; of course one doesn't, or at least I don't.
It is a city full of life and people from all over the world, I hope you get a chance to return, Jan.
wendy said…
hi Saskia,
Ik lurk hier al een tijdje maar zag dat je een foto van een werk van Simone Forti postte en ik heb les van haar gehad op de theaterschool, sweet memories...
Saskia said…
hee Wendy, wat toevallig: ja ik begreep dat ze eerst danseres was voordat ze ook beeldend ging werken. Ik had nog nooit van haar gehoord, maar vond dit een heel bijzonder werk.



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