this is the actual apparatus the surgeon looked through into husband's eye; I am reassured he knows what he's doing (with his 14 years experience) and have let fear go

after the hospital a walk in the woods with the dog, breathing

it was a beautiful day


your images of water continue to
be some of the most beautiful i've
this last one...

i don't know how hard it is to do, but they would make such wonderful cards. i always think of this because i love sending cards and there is no where here to find some. well, i guess online, but
i would buy endless packets of this one image if i could.
and also...i wanted to say that
it's things like with your husband that are such messages to the rest of precious it is to see
just that one thing, how lovingly
we should gaze
jan said…
it's really important to trust the doctor i think. my mum went blind in one eye last year, and had lots of examinations to make sure there was nothing else going on. the doctor was thorough, and i did trust him. his attitude to my mum was good. i hope you and your husband have a good doctor, and that everything works out ok for the both of you. best wishes, jan x
Saskia said…
Grace: I will try making a card, bought a new printer last week, see how it turns out and send you some!
Jan: trust is the thing here, I am amazed at how Zen my husband is in all of this
jude said…
oh, eyes, it is so scary. I am in the middle of this with Mom, of course she is 89, but still... they gave her an injection in her eye and really, it spooked me a bit. I have a hard time trusting doctors, but you need to find someone you are comfortable with, it is all so hard. keeping you both in my thoughts.
Saskia said…
thanks Jude, hope all is well with your mother; we'll just have to wait and see how this all develops, we're not totally in control (perhaps we never really are) but we're okay with the situation so far.



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