gull, canal and hare

went to Leerdam today for a haircut, saw a gull and wanted to take a photo, got too close and off he flew.......

have decided to sew the hare-being piece  onto a heavier fabric to give it some weight and at the same time frame it. I call the piece 'hazemannetje' in Dutch, it's funny in my language we have the diminutive suffixes  '-je or -tje
in English you would have to say small hare-man or wee hare-man, it's not the same.

because it's such a nice fabric I've cut out the back bit so I can use that for another piece


Nancy said…
Such a good idea to mount it this way. I've got some fabric samples, on the stiff side, so I will remember this.
I like the bundle of energy on the back-center.
Saskia said…
and I have mounted another one more or less he same way!



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