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today my husband and I spent most of the day in two different hospitals. Why? last evening D. suddenly couldn't see with his left eye, a haze had come over it.  He managed to drive to the hospital, he happened to be in town very nearby and after a couple of tests with a specialist, he rang me to come and collect him at the emergency unit. He wasn't able to drive, because he had to keep his head to one side, as the retina in his left eye had come loose. A friend drove his car back home. This morning we returned to the hospital and from there on to the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, 'things' were set in motion and we'll go back tomorrow for a talk with the surgeon and next week he'll have his operation.

I tried taking a photo of my eyes, but lack of light and simple phone-camera meant the flash flashed and it ended up looking like a 70-ies-party's-over-shot


will wait here for word.
Saskia said…
will let you know
deanna7trees said…
thinking of you both and wishing for the best.
Saskia said…
the scary part is the hard-hitting awareness of our frailty, poof
Anne said…
heftig! veel sterkte voor D. en jou, x
Saskia said…
hoi Anne: dank je; na de eerste schok, ben ik weer kalm na de gesprekken met de chirurg (14 jaar ervaring)en Duco is gewoon zichzelf: super relaxed.
Valerianna said…
Similar thing happened to my Dad a while ago. Don't think it was completely detached, but loose. They eneded up injecting an air bubble in his eye instead of surgery... he said it was like his eye was a level, the bubble always staying in the center no matter how he turned, and it kept constant pressure on the retina which re-attached on its own. Good luck with whatever they decide to do for your husband!!
Saskia said…
hi Valerianna: from what I understand the surgeon will place a 'band-aid' and then fill it with gas and the retina will re-attach itself....amazing what they can do these days.



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