I call this one the autumn tablecloth, it was made appr.4 years ago; I guess I like patchwork-with-squares, chairs in background also decorated by me, nothing is safe it would seem. I have a tolerant household when it comes to interior 'design' (I think it's because they're not really interested and are happy for me to do my thing as long as there's food and drink))
the green, red and yellow fabrics are from a whole batch of cloth-sample books (correct term!?) I found on the street many years ago; a furniture business had gone out of business and was throwing stuff out 

detail; the sides are 7,5 cm deep, the linen cloth comes from Mia
so I made the stretcher today and sewed on the sides and started painting......added blue/green
curious to see where it's heading

smaller version with relief circles

I wanted a flat circle, but that didn't happen, instead I made breasts (haha)


Anonymous said…
I made breasts recently too!!! so much wonderful stuff happening here - it's funny, because I really enjoy your free-flowing organic shapes, but I am also really finding this grid exploration exciting!
Saskia said…
oh this process of creating, of finding the way....argh, I feel the familiar nerves of the struggle.....but keep the 'faith' and realise I need Time for things to develop!!
where are your breasts Dee? on the dolls??



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