small autumn gathering

the beginnings of another small cloth, with quite a few walnut dyed bits of fabric, for me it has an autumn-feel to it.

for the record: there are bits of cotton and linen from Eliane, Ryanne, Dee and Mia here and the blue flower comes from my parents' old kitchen curtains, two scraps come from my own household.
When I look at it like that:
 a lot of people have gathered in this one piece! 


Nancy said…
Good 'ol walnut dye :) How nice to have so many friends/family in one place!
Saskia said…
realsing where the fabrics had come from suddenly made me aware of yet another connection
Heather said…
Nice to see what you have been up to. The cloth pieces are lovely and the little painting necklaces so unique and charming.
Saskia said…
thanks Heather, I try to keep busy haha.
after the exhibition many ladies wanted a necklace like mine, so I'll have to finish at least 5 soon!



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