prints and stitches

roedeer hoofprints

practicing sewing 'stones' or circles

unfinished smaller nine-patch (appr.25x25  cm) will mount this onto a deep stretcher, so it'll be box-like

larger nine-patch, also unfinished (appr.50x50cm) with raw and prepared linen canvas, will also be mounted onto a deep stretcher

two box frames I recently bought; I like boxes for display

open frame with several objects, it'll probably stay something like this; I'll put glass on front and back so it will remain 'see-through'


Nancy said…
Such clean, simple cloths here. I like them a lot. And I really like the box too, like looking 'through'. Way cool.
Saskia said…
thanks Nancy, wonder how long the simple cloths will remain this 'bare', am still exploring where these want to go.
Anonymous said…
The grid in such close tones of off-white make for a beautiful playground for the circles, leaves... I will be interested to see what you end up deciding wants to live there.

Also, I always love seeing part of where you live - it is so funky and full of life!
Saskia said…
welcome into my world, otherwise knwon as organised chaos



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