more figures

me wearing mine
tree-of-life bearing turtle 

crow on hill & tree-of-life; I often use bird-images in my work and usually I refer to them as selfportraits, I don't know why this is, it just feels like they are; perhaps this is because I very rarely make humans, but I did start a series yesterday with human-like creatures.

hare-person has entered the landscape, where do they come from? these creatures in my head......I honestly don't know, I'm just glad they can get out


i dreamed last night that you had
finally been "discovered". we
were at a huge Gallery or Museum.
I think it was more of a Museum.
You were being honored as best
new figure in the ART world, like
THE Art World, and i was sitting
on the floor in a corner, quite
far back and just grinning ear to
ear...kinda with the same look as you have on your face here.
it was a really GREAT dream
Saskia said…
LOL, a Big Thank You Grace, wow, what an amazing dream
Marti said…
Greetings Saskia, This is Marti a friend of grace. She has often spoken of your wondrous Art and I have come here silently to see. As someone who forages in the fields for treasures, I find your work, soul connecting. Today when I saw your tree of life carrying turtle amulet, I had to speak. Turtles are my chosen totem, trees my guides. There is such a mystical yet grounding quality to your work that makes such a lasting impression. Keep on, the way you see the world is needed.
Saskia said…
welcome Marti, friend of Grace:
your words have touched a nerve, there were tears in my eyes...honestly
I'm happy you say my work=me is grounded, 'cos a few people have mentioned I'm not in the real world.
Through making what I (and others) make we all become connected, in the here and now and also, to the past - and perhaps to the future, although I have no way of knowing (what believers might call a religious experience)
One of the things I like about the turtle is that he carries his house with him.
Nancy said…
Saskia~ As I travel around blog-world, I come back here again and again (after first reading your posts in my email). I look and look and feel a connection (am a turtle/tree person too). And Marti says it well when she uses the word 'grounded'...this is a good descriptor to me...and one I respect. To me partially meaning what my Mama used to say when she said a woman was an 'Earth Mama'...or when I use the old phrase to describe a dear friend by saying. 'salt of the earth'. Anyway these are good things to me. Often your work makes me think. (accidentally put a period there...but that works too!)...but also seeing your work makes me think 'why didn't I think of that?' because OF COURSE a turtle w/ a tree, roots hanging down. Of course.
Thank you for showing your amulet being worn, as it really tells of the size, look and feel of it so differently that just the close up of the work (although that is great too!) I am really liking how your work has it's way of being, a style or way of manifesting (like many of the talented artists here that I admire).
Also, I love your little hare person, arms open to the world, adorable bent knee ( reminds of my always in pain right knee!)...a combo-being with out a you? Like me, except I always have lots to SAY. Online lets me do that. But now I've gone on & on for too long, so excuse me.
Thank you for sharing. I much enjoy.
Saskia said…
hi Nancy, thank you for sharing!
loved reading your thoughts over here; well folks who know me would say I talk a Lot, although for many hours I'm alone in my studio or walking the dog and then say Very Little!
I'm extremely happy my work here appeals to you and others and you are willing to share this with me, one of the things I hope to achieve is to open up our minds and ways of looking at the world, become more vulnerable and less fearful; I think we can do this by sharing (our) stories..... I much enjoy too



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