an outdoors type of day

son D. and best friend E. decided they wanted to make a fire and roast some meat (wood pidgeon in  this case) and they made herbal tea with mint from the garden, 

my mother-in-law's dog is staying with us for a week and as he keeps wanting to escape (he jumped over this gate) we have to 'fix' all of his possible exit routes, here I added a couple of hazel sticks

in the foreground a plumtree, the one in the back with a few leaves is a sweet chestnut

roasting the chestnuts

empty plate with sweet-and-sour sauce

son D (he'll be 16 this tuesday!) on the left with friend E - and yes I asked their permission to place this photo
btw D. is wearing a jumper my dad bought on a summer holiday in Brittany about 35 years ago, not a hole in it! some things were made to last

it's especially on days like these I am so grateful we live in the countryside 


and what is he going to do with the string?

i remember these days, when the
boyMen are on that
beloved friend (now dead) who had
5 of her own told me to watch...
how soon, their necks begin to
thicken. like young stags...elk,
and it was true. so start watching. it's quite a phenomenon.
and tell them thanks, it gives us
another dimension of you
Saskia said…
what indeed, I'll have to ask him when he gets back; they're off now on the skelter: D. is driving E. back home
boys are very different from girls is my experience: they want to Do more, like on Jack-ass, they love that; I watch them in admiration and at times, fear
witnessing their Growing Up is really something
Saskia said…
turns out, whatever it was he was attempting failed, but hey... that's what I mean: boys act, sometimes failure, sometimes success, a lot of living in between

as an aside: the path is the goal, I mutter to myself, just look at the boys



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