weaving self together

had a wicker weaving class last evening: great for distraction and focus on something else; together with the teacher I managed to finish a small basket!


a perfect thing to do with one's
hands, thoughts, self, while
waiting with Fear.
the eye in the window....
so much metaphor with the
i am on edge here, waiting...
Saskia said…
my immediate fear has faded, the surgeon we spoke to today was very reassuring; he has 14 years of experience with these kinds of -routine- operations; so we put our trust in him. Husband is doing very well: driving and working, he is one of the most relaxed human beings I know; if her were any more laid back, he'ld be horizontal!

i can't believe he is working. well
this says a lot for his innate sense of just going. oh HooRAY!
Thanks so much for leaving word here. now i can go along with
this beautiful day.
Saskia said…
that is the kind of guy he is, I've known him for 20 years: he's a rock
Saskia said…
correction: nov 30 1991 we met 21 years ago!



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