painted trees

oil on wood 7x8 cm 2012

'tree of life, when chaos was taking shape'
oil on wood 7x12 cm 2012

'air tree'
oil on wood 7x8 cm 2012

so for my small fall exhibit I have managed to finally finish these three small trees


finally. i have looked so many
times and i want to say how much i love Air like a breathing meditation...
Saskia said…
a breathing meditation: that is an extraordinarily nice thing to say!
like for both the tree in the
painting...IT is meditating, and
seeing this, i want to go to the
same place.
this feels like a crude question, but what will be the cost of this Air Tree at your fall exhibit?
Saskia said…
not a crude question at all, (we need money these days, a fact of modern life) the price is 55 euro's
HA!, then. could it be marked
reserved or sold for your exhibit?
I really want to have this air
tree in my home. i know exactly
where it goes.
if this works for you, just tell
me how we do it and shipping etc.
OH...i have checked a billion times
since i asked...oh Tra La and
and i my happiness....
i don't know if you have my
and also, when i send some money
to Moira for her project in India,
i sent it through Paypal..just
to her email address at her suggestion and that worked fine.
so if you have a paypal acct. maybe that's the easiest way?
and then we have to figure out the
difference Euro/US dollars, too
i'll let you do that, i am not
a math person.
all the above, IF it's ok?
Saskia said…
will email you Grace.....and jippie-di-do-dah!! I am soooooooooo happy you want this painting and your's it Is.



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