today we walked from Cranbrook to Sissinghurst and back

tower at Sissinghurst

the white garden

I think this is a jasmin 'cos that's what it smelled like, gorgeous

yet again they're watching fish


Nancy said…
I love these photos! What a beautiful green walk you had :) The footpath sign and weather vane are so cool, but not so much on the jasmine (I'm so allergic). The white garden is amazing though.
Saskia said…
it was a beautiful walk and we were so lucky with the weather: no rain during the walk to & from Sissinghurst, we had our tea at Sissinghurst just as it started to pour. You really notice the weather when you're dependent on it for outdoor activities!
Mo Crow said…
the second last photo of the leaf stone reflections in the water ... is brilliant Saskia! beautifully framed



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