bag continued

Found this tiny mouse (spitsmuis in Dutch) this morning on the footpath in the woods, I think it was pelted to death by the heavy rain last night; I woke up in the middle of the night: thunder & lightening and a curtain of rain, felt snug & safe in bed, like in a tent; I spoke to the boys this morning: we had all woken up at one time or another during this storm, fallen asleep again and woken up dry; this poor mouse wasn't that lucky.

so, this is what the bag looks like on the inside with a pocket sewn in, and now I'm thinking maybe I will add another layer and then double-fold the bag and the sides will look like a layering of fabric, which of course they are, I'm thinking that will look more interesting than a strip of fabric sewn onto back and front - if you get what I'm saying here.... 


Nancy said…
Well, poor little thing! Nothing beats a good pocket :)
spitsmuis...this is similar looking
to the little doe goat born on the night of the 4th of July...but her path has not ended...she Continues, at least i think, having not gone out to check yet this morning...but i think so
maybe i will name her that...spitmuis.
i love again your stitching here inside this that little "conversation" of stitches on the bottom right
again...really really like your
Way so much....
Anonymous said…
it is too bad about the little mouse!

But your stitching is wonderful.
Saskia said…
Nancy: sad indeed, and yes a pocket is a must.
Grace: spitsmuis means mouse with a pointed/sharp nose, for obvious reasons; I so enjoyed stitching this bag and discovering more about stitching and what it does for a piece.
Dee: I've kept the poor creature, maybe the tiny skeleton will be here when we get back from the U.K.
The stitching itself was wonderful.



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