quick fix

before we went on holiday I washed the dog's mattress-cover and realised how torn it was!
as we arrived yesterday evening and decided to pick up T. today, I had just enough time to fix the worst holes and torn-away bits by hand and machine; so now his settee is ready and waiting for him!


Anonymous said…
what a perfect boro project!
Saskia said…
yes, that's exactly what it is, sometimes Life imitates Art;)
big happy smile seeing this. it is my hope too that this kind of thing becomes a real way of life.
Glad you're home. the thank you
SO much for all the photographs of a place i will never go...they were just so great for me
Saskia said…
if we could all make-do, that would be a huge leap!
I'm glad you enjoyed the journey; isn't internet just great for virtual travel, which is also good for the planet!!
although I have to admit actually being in the U.K. was so inspiring and nourishing and I could totally let go of home/work/studio, which I do need once in a while.



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