well what can I say: it was a lot of work and if I wanted to weave somethig I could wear, I would need a lot of squares.... I managed to finish it whilst watching the Wimbledon men's final: Murray against Federer,  I was rooting for Murray, however  the best man won, Federer's game was phenomenal. 
anyway, this bit of cloth woven with the plant-dyed goat's wool is my second item for the rather useless cupboard, the first item being the bone needle, more on that herehere and here


Nancy said…
This is Amazing!! I love the colors, so light, airy...delicate! Beautiful goats wool :)
This project keeps reminding me of a post Susan of Avalanche Looms did recently.


Something about a useless cupboard grabs me :)
Anonymous said…
this is so beautiful! it is a thing all to its own and, who knows what it will become down the road?!! the subtle color changes are really, really nice.
Anonymous said…
sorry - pls delete extra comment!!
Saskia said…
hello there ladies, guess where we are: in a B&B in Benenden U.K. We were very lucky to finally find this place because we had no reservation and were running out of petrol and time....ah well, all's well that endeth well.
Yes the goat's weave is very delicate and fitting for this project I think.
I too have seen Chester's comfort and am flattered this reminds you of that, Nancy
jan said…
ooooh Saskia, this weaving is gorgeous! Your bone needle is obviously doing the trick! I love this; the needle is beautiful, the woven results are beautiful. It's as though all the components have come together to create a beautiful fabric. Congratulations on all your hard work. Jan
Saskia said…
thanks Jan, I have to admit not being able to finish the weaving with the bone needle, 'cos it was too big for the end-bits close to the nails.
It is an interesting project as I have no idea how/when it will end....

and an Oops: we're staying in the village of Biddenden, not Benenden which does exsist, but it's not where we are!



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