more bag, bag finished!

lining plus pocket
lining sewn on along the sides (recognise the fabric Dee?)

twisted cord made with help from Jude's tutuorial over on Contemporary Boro 2;
I started with sewing the flat strips of fabric onto one side of the front half of the bag, made a knot and started the twisting and ended with another knot, sewed the remaining fabric strips onto the other side and now the front and back are going to come together with a layering of fabric in between, like a sandwich.


Nancy said…
Love how this is coming along. I really like the cording :)
Anonymous said…
that's the chambray I thought you'd use first!!! this bag came out really wonderfully. The cord is a great addition.
Saskia said…
to you both: I love the cord too, I didn't have a clue to be quite honest on what I was going to use, I'd thought about using the trouser-belt, but that was too short and then looking back at Jude's tutorials I realised it had to be a cord, my first: I have a feeling it will not be my last...
and Dee you knew what I was going to use before I did!! that is funny.



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