caught my eye

sun shining through 'her secret garden' seen here from the back


deanna7trees said…
looks like a candelabra in the center with the light just pouring out the sides.
Nancy said…
Yes Deanna, my thought too!
Saskia said…
it is in fact a tree; in this part of the Netherlands there are many commercial fruitgrowers and they prune and shape the trees according to their needs; the tree-of-life motif is/has been a recurring theme in my work and it comes in many shapes and forms, this espalier-type is one example.
And it does indeed resemble candelabra, especially here with the light shining thru.
Anonymous said…
This photo works so well with the tree paintings of the following post... I can definitely see the theme... The photo and tree paintings got me thinking -- there's something tree-like about a quilt's back in the way that all that stitchery is normally not revealed - reminding me of the way trees' filigrees (roots) are mostly hidden... very cool!
Saskia said…
exactly, the stitching on the back, which is 'normally' hidden (maybe that's why I like it so much) helps remind me of All the hidden connections, (in)visible, (un)known connections that feed us, feed the plants etc.
beautiful Back. a story in itself, in all the patterns, marks, glyphs
Saskia said…
Grace: most times I forget to take a photo when I notice something like this, but not this time.



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