the narrow quilt

I've added a strip onto the colourful piece so that in can now be draped over a chair, decorative, and it could be worn as a shawl  on a  chilly evening, useful.
this is the 'front'

......and this is the 'back' , the 'messy' stitching has been hidden by the light blue and from now on all stitching has to work both ways, so there's no more hiding;  this means the connections are knowable and visible;  I want to try and stitch as many circles as possible and keep it flat at the same time. 

..keeping it flat means I have to undo some bits....ugh, but this is the way I want it.
more on this piece hereherehere and here


Nancy said…
OK, so I went back to the Here & Here's to feel where this began (which I've done). Now I feel to be a part of this cloth's story, a part of your story. I know why a giraffe. I like knowing these things. I like knowing you. I think I was not here in April and before, at your bloghome. But now I am, coming along after you visited me so many times and left so many kind comments. Now I come here regularly. This is nice.
I am liking the growth of your long cloth...the many circles speak of life, and therefore motherhood. This seems to be the nature of things, eh?! Read the old comments on the old posts and yes, circles are good. From children to grandchildren to great grandchildren for some of just keeps circling around! Maybe a couple of open circles that give the idea of linking together, or spirals for just continuing. I think this comment could go on for a long spiral of've got me thinking!!
Thank you ever so much for continuing to return to pomegranate trail and beginning the drawing of our circle.
Also, I love the colors of the long cloth and the pale blue of the mothering of little boys. Beautiful.
Saskia said…
oh thank you Nancy! You are so welcome here. I enjoy visiting you and several others and so the circles grow and links are created....
yes I felt the story behind this cloth was meaningful and it isn't over is it, I mean motherhood keeps us going. I find I am always feeling and thinking when making my 'stuff', perhaps this percolates into what I make, I hope it does.
Anonymous said…
I went back, there, there, and there to see either for the first time or again, the progress of this piece... (I now love 'my' giraffe card even more, knowing its origin!) The piece you've constructed thus far inspires !! -- to let a cloth be long and two sided... to allow for draping of self or chair... it feels so expressive of your mother-love!
Saskia said…
you know it isn't always easy being a mum (ha): the boys not always wanting my (s)motherly love, so I guess I have found a way to express the many mixed feelings in this cloth.
I'm glad you feel it inspires, as I had this sudden realisation yesterday evening that nothing (that I do) really matters and with it came an immense feeling of Relief, I'm here for the ride, just let go and Enjoy.
Drucilla said…
i love the comments here as much as the quilt... no more hiding, and Relief, what a good place to be!!
Saskia said…
hi Dru, wonderful how a piece (art-work, quilt etc)can open the valves of feelings, thoughts, emotions on several levels, more than is possible with only words.... Just do it!
Cloth is such a Great Teacher,
isn't it. the more we stitch the more it teaches. and then how each of us learns from being shown the relationship of others with their cloths......a growing
amazement for me
Saskia said…
the sharing is perhaps the best part



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