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we spent a sunny morning shopping in Tunbridge Wells; round 2 p.m. it started to rain and we decided to visit Leeds Castle (without the boys: they'd had enough of sightseeing) once there however, it transpired an event was to take place and we couldn't get in, by then it was pouring, so no walk in the countryside; we settled on visiting Tonbridge and happened upon a lovely secondhand bookshop, Mr.Book's Bookshop; and I bought a small collection; we'll be visiting Knole tomorrow (Vita Sackville-West's childhood home)
this particular book is going to be very useful to me: many basic (well not for me) techniques are explained in word & image, and I'll get to learn the correct sewing terminology in English.

this looks interesting


Nancy said…
The book looks charming. Too bad about Leed's. The grounds there were my favorite on my trip to London.
what's the date, publication?, of
this great book?
isn't it great that it is so
Saskia said…
Nancy, I had no idea you visited this same area!! In a way it was okay we missed out on Leeds Castle, this way we found the bookshop and this wonderful book.
And Grace, I've been doing some research on the book, as the information in the book itself is limited: it was printed by The Literary Press ltd., London. no date included.
The author Elizabeth Craig (1883–1980) was a Scottish journalist, home economist and cookery writer.

There's quite a selection of titles over on e-bay.
Nancy said…
Yes, I visited there once in 2002 with my mother. It was her lifelong dream, to go to England. My dad passed in 2000, so we were sure if she would ever get to go. But, when she asked me to fill in for him, I was more than happy to do so. It was a wonderful experience to share together. I thought the grounds at Leeds were just gorgeous :)
Anonymous said…
I never knew how to make a rolled hem - one picture, a few sentences, and TA-DAH! now I do! I love the blurb about how it pays to be a talented with a needle... it is a like a retro echo of the spirit of Boro... of course, domestic economy has been around for a long, long time!! I was a huge fan of Virginia Woolf in college, read her letters, learned about Vita, Duncan, as well as her sister, so it was great to take a look at your pictures... thanks!
Saskia said…
I have read a couple of Virginia Woolfe's novels, I can't say I remember the contents at all, although I do remember the sense of being swept by waves when reading 'the Waves', back in 1987 (I have kept a record of all the books I've read since 1980) it made me realise style was as important, if not even more so than content.
and isn't this book just great!?



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