London in sunshine!

we walked from Rotherhithe street where we'd parked the car along the Thames path to Tate Modern

old and new, near Hay's galleria

the Globe

in Tate Modern


live music on the Millennium bridge

gates near Buckingham palace and statue in front of the palace, they do like a bit of  gold

window at Fortnum&Mason in celebration of the Queen's Jubilee

could not live without a cuppa!


Nancy said…
Love that sunflower! Enjoy the rest of your visit!
Anonymous said…
Ken & I STILL have Fortnum & Mason tins from our stay in London in the early 90's... I hope you picked up a Jubilee Blend Tea Tin... bound to be a collector's item at some point.
Saskia said…
I did, bought the turquoise Jubilee tea caddy I mean, the blend is actually very tasty, and I just had to buy a packet of F&M Earl Grey, my favourite black tea.



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