Bloomsbury and Charleston

a glimpse of Duncan Grant's studio (we weren't allowed to take photo's indoors) 

Charleston was the home of artists Vanessa Bell  and Duncan Grant. They moved here in 1916 and kept a lease until Duncan Grants's death in 1978; it became the country retreat for the collection of writers, artists and intellectuals known as Bloomsbury. The house was decorated by the artists over the decades they spent here; it embodies their belief that art and life should be inseparable. 


jan said…
Hope you liked Charleston? I visited many years ago; my first (and only) drive on the M25! I remember thinking it was a lovely place. I was a big fan of Virginia Woolf's writing in the 1980's.
And I regard some of Vanessa Bell's paintings as very significant; there's one called 'The Tub' which is fascinating.
Saskia said…
oh yes, it was lovely, I mean I could see myself moving in and living there straight away! and the garden and surrounding landscape must have been/still are so inspiring; of course I don't really Know, but I imagine this group of people having fun together and feeding one another in their work and daily life.
Duncan Grant's studio was a truly wonderful space, pity I couldn't take more photo's in there.
Nancy said…
I'm enjoying these tours with you. Such beautiful countryside! The close up on the flower...amazing!
Saskia said…
Thanks Nancy and guess what, all photo's are taken with my Nokia-mobile



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