the basic magic of weaving plus a bit of enlightenment

first bead loom result: a weave sampler
finer weft threads (finer than the warp thread) offer a finer, denser looking weave; where the warp and weft threads are of similar thickness you can achieve a more chequered effect; I've also woven over-and-under two warp threads, this makes for a quicker weave, you can alternate with the regular one-thread-at-a-time.

 above with the threads sticking out, below all tidied up; there are some knots on the back where I tied two different strands together
 I noticed here (on the left photo below) that if the threads are of similar thickness where you weave one over/one under, you still see the warp, where you weave two over/two under you don't see the warp thread, food for thought.

hanging in space and against a background; on one side the warps threads had a loose end in the middle, where I started the warp, this thread I decided to use to attach the button; at the other end the loose thread was on one side and after having knotted two together I was left with one which I then wove back and forth once more just above the knots and then tied off on it's own like the others, creating a fringe

I love my cups of tea and very often I enjoy a cup of Yogi tea, you know the ones, with the messages on the tea bag tags......well today the message was especially uplifting and energizing; check it out:

who am I to argue with the wisdom of a tea bag?


Debbie said…
Hi Saskia, great sampler and love the way you have hung it. Traditionally in weaving you use a weft yarn that fits into the space between two warps so it would normally be a similar thickness to the warp, if you are finding it difficult to cover the warp you are possibly weaving a little too tight though your edges look straight.
On a small loom this is difficult to do but on a larger width you make small waves across with the weft a little above your previous pass and then beat them down so the weft isn't to tight. Hope that makes sense.
Saskia said…
thanks Debbie, I think I now understand what you mean about the 'waves' creating just that little bit of extra space, aha very useful bit of information:-)
Nancy said…
I always considered the ability to see warp threads as a mistake...but why? You've caused me to look differently. So much texture on this sample.



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