hello kitty

On our way back we found a pair of tiny glasses; I had noticed them on previous walks but did not think to bring them back home with me. Today we did. We made a small bear Very Happy. In the pic below you see Sally wearing them (I made the arms as there were none, by drilling two miniscule holes and threading a bit of copper wire)
Sally was thrilled and became a very talkative small bear indeed. She started by informing us that she does in fact have a proper name i.e. Sally, not SmallBear, we stood corrected. Furthermore she told us she has two sisters, Elly and Molly, an adopted cousin Tully and a brother called William, I suppose we can all guess what he was called when they went out salmon fishing. She recently received a letter from one of her siblings, but found she could not read the letter and was worried something bad had happened - she has a tendency to worry - and she hadn't mentioned this to anyone, because she felt embarrassed she couldn't read. Up until this evening that is: with the pair of glasses she can - I haven't the heart to tell her there are no actual glasses in them, we'll keep that to ourselves - and after having read the letter twice, once in a rush and then in a calmer more collected mode, she not only discovered there was nothing to fret about, quite the contrary. There's reason to celebrate for she is now a first-time aunt! her sister Molly has a young cub, named Scully and she and the rest of her family would dearly like Sally to come visit to meet her nephew. So it would seem she will be leaving us for a while.....but before she goes the gang will throw a party I'm sure, they do that a lot - or so I'm told, am not always invited you see

Sally and her friend Kitty; we found her on the street as well and of course she had to come home with us. Kitty has decided she'll join Sally on her family visit.
Makes me wonder who'll be next......


Nancy said…
After a super long day...nothing is better than coming home to a bedtime story! The adventures your friends and housemates have are wonderful and fill me the wish to wander myself!
And sweet django seems to be a very fine dog. I love seeing him (?) among the soft colors I associate with your lands. I like the head shaking pic...looks like the animals on "Comfort"!! lol
Saskia said…
thank you Nancy, I am glad this bedtime story touched you; Django is indeed a he.
I agree the blur does bear a resemblance to your beasts;-)
the addition of the Copper...very
Saskia said…
Sally's quite fashion conscious
Anonymous said…
making me smile! Reading as a state of mind?

Djano is getting big...
Saskia said…
a lot happens in the mind, some of it is real, a lot not quite



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